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Hay Fever Season 2012: A Wash Out?

Hay fever, or 'seasonal allergic rhinitis' is a common allergic reaction to pollen that affects up to one in five people in the UK.1 Pollen grains are released as part of many plants’ reproductive cycles throughout March to November in the UK; this period is known as the pollen season.2 Itchy eyes and nose along with watery eyes, sneezing and a blocked nose are all common symptoms.3 For some individuals this seemingly harmless condition is debilitating4

Unfortunately for those with a pollen allergy, the 2012 hay fever season has been one of the longest on record.5 This was due to the summer's changeable weather, allowing weeds and grasses to flourish for longer than usual.6 The grass seeds that have been given extra time to flourish disperse from the warm weather and winds into the air, which unfortunately 90% of hay fever sufferers are allergic too.7

There is no miracle cure for hay fever, however there are simple things that can be done to better manage the condition. Help is always on hand in the form of allergy relief medication. Benadryl can be bought over the counter which helps provide relief for the symptoms of hay fever. Benadryl also offers an online social pollen count tool which enables the public to warn others of high pollen counts. This allows hay fever sufferers to get more information in real time about the pollen counts in their area.

With the right treatment and knowledge hay fever can be successfully managed. Understanding triggers, being aware that there is effective medication and staying informed about local pollen counts are important steps in controlling symptoms and living with hay fever.

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