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You've got a spot - what next?

You've got a spot. You know it's there and it's an eyesore but what to do about it?

First things first - absolutely do not pick it. It's tempting and your Mum always told you not to but picking a spot is the very worst thing you can do. You could end up with more as you'll spread the bacteria that caused it in the first place and you might even end up scarring your face. Better to have a blemish for a few days than a scar!

One way to help clear spots once you've got them is to use specialist products designed to reduce the redness and reduce excess oil. Some spot creams, like CLEAN & CLEAR® ADVANTAGE® Spot Treatment Gel, can get to work in as little as four hours to start reducing redness and spot size—so you don’t have to panic.

If you're prone to spots make sure you're using products designed specifically for your skin type, as these will keep your skin squeaky clean and reduce the sebum build-up that can cause spots and blackheads.(i) Use an oil-free moisturiser to hydrate your skin without making it feel oily. Plus, it will help to give you a healthy looking complexion that a few spots can't spoil.

If you're unsure about what products to use check out the online Skin Advisor from the makers of CLEAN & CLEAR® to find a great skincare routine.

But whether you have oily skin, or sensitive skin prone to dryness, a good cleansing routine forms the base for beautiful, healthy looking skin by helping to reduce impurities, oil and dead skin cells. These are the annoying elements which can block your pores and lead to those annoying red spots or blackheads.

So don't worry if a spot appears, just remember, the less you do to it the sooner it will go away. Make sure your face is clean, pop on some of your trusty spot cream and before you know it your spot will be on its way.


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