Bromsgrove man drove into river after depression battle, inquest heard

By Beth Sharp Wednesday 08 January 2014 Updated: 10/01 00:28

A BROMSGROVE man told his sister he loved her and asked her to take care of their mum before he drove himself into the River Avon.

Worcestershire Coroners' Court heard on Tuesday (January 7) how Anthony James Taylor, 22, of Lyttleton Avenue, Charford, died on November 24 after borrowing a friend's car and driving it into the water at Boat Lane in Evesham.

Mr Taylor was first reported missing after he made several phone calls and sent numerous texts to his family and friends which suggested his intention to kill himself. He told one friend 'he was off to pay his respects to the River Avon'.

Det Insp Dean Williams, from Kidderminster Police, who led the investigation into the search for Mr Taylor, expressed the view that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. He added on the evidence gathered it seemed he was depressed and tried to take his own life.

DI Williams told the court the police first became aware of Mr Taylor's intentions when they received a call from a woman who had been sent a text suggesting he was going to take his life.

He said Mr Taylor was deemed to be at high risk as he had a history of depression and had previously attempted to kill himself two-years ago.

He added because of that reason, the police had used a large number of officers, including specialists, to try and find Mr Taylor as soon as possible and had even 'pinged' his mobile phone in a bid to locate the area he was in.

Unfortunately, after several days of searching, the specialist team found his body in the river.

Mr Taylor's family told the court they were shocked to hear about his depression and how he had previously tried to take his life as they had not known or been told about it.

During the hearing, coroner Geraint Williams read out two witness statements.

The first was from Dr Reza Vaziri who conducted the post-death examinations on Mr Taylor's body which found no evidence to suggest he had any pre-existing diseases before he drove into the river.

The second was from Dr Collin Seneviratne who conducted a toxicology report on Mr Taylor which found no indication of alcohol in his body but did find traces of cannabis. They suggested Mr Taylor had previously used the substance, although not recently.

Both reports found Mr Taylor suffered death by drowning.

Mr Williams said from the evidence which had been given, he believed Mr Talor was depressed and killed himself by deliberately driving into the river and had drowned.

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