Head doorman says Bromsgrove nightclub has unfair reputation

By Tristan Harris Thursday 21 November 2013 Updated: 22/11 16:32

THE HEAD doorman at Bromsgrove’s Love2Love nightclub has spoken out about the venue, saying he thinks it has been given an unfair reputation.

Dean Heath contacted The Standard about the issue last Friday (November 15), saying the venue was no worse than any others and that he and his team worked hard to keep out trouble and ensure everyone who went there had a good and safe night.

Mr Heath, who has worked doors for more than 13 years in a variety of places, including Redditch, Cheltenham and Broad Street and Gas Street in Birmingham, admitted that in the past there were team members who were not suited to the role, but they had left and he now had a team he was happy with and could trust. He said there was a team of five operating every Friday and four every Saturday.

“I feel we all do a good job - we are a small team that sticks together.

“I always tell my team to treat people how they would want to be treated on a night out.

“Two members of my staff saved a woman’s life a couple of weeks ago but that wasn’t reported.

“People need to see for themselves how me and my team operate - we are normal people who are trying to earn a living and take pride in what we do.”

He said whenever there was trouble in Worcester Road, it was always Love2Love which seemed to get the blame.

But, he added, the club’s regulars who came there week in week out were decent people who did not start trouble, although he admitted it attracted revellers from other bigger towns and cities who could not get into venues there.

“We want people in Love2Love who want to come here and have a drink and a good night out.

“It is their venue as well as ours and I would say to them that if they know people who are going to cause trouble then don’t bring them.”

Love2Love is part of BAND (Bromsgrove Against Night time Disorder), which works with the police and other partnership organisations to ensure the town remains a safe place to live, work and socialise in.

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