More travellers moved off Bromsgrove Council car park

By Tristan Harris Tuesday 30 July 2013 Updated: 30/07 21:13

MORE travellers have today (Tuesday) been moved on from Bromsgrove town centre just weeks after caravans and vehicles occupied a district council pay and display car park.

This time, nine caravans occupied the car park owned by the council near the former DDS and S Club on Stourbridge Road.

Legal proceedings to obtain possession of the land were underway, but the group moved on after council officers spoke with them and requested they go.

Sue Hanley, Bromsgrove District Council's deputy chief executive and executive director for leisure, environment and community services, said: “Some members of the public and councillors have pushed for the travellers to be penalised for non payment of car parking charges.

"Whilst the travellers had occupied land which is a designated car park, to be clear, the issuing of Penalty Charge Notices (car parking fines) would not have been appropriate or assisted in resolving the position.

“Dealing with incursions of travellers is not the same as regulating car parking and there is a formal legal process which must be followed for the council to legitimately regain use of land.

"This is the issuing of court proceedings for possession, which we attended to without delay.”

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