Three arrested near Bromsgrove over motorway scam

By Carl Jackson Wednesday 30 January 2013 Updated: 30/01 21:48

THREE men have been arrested in connection with a Bromsgrove motorway scam where motorists who appear to be stranded appeal for cash from throughtful drivers trying to help.

Police picked them up on Saturday (January 26) following a number of complaints made to the Central Motorway Police Group around a stretch of road on the M42 and M5.

They recovered fake jewellery which was alleged to have been offered in exchange for cash to good Samaritans who had gone to their aid.

Cash and business cards were also among the men's belongings however police are yet to charge any of them.

Motorists have been urged to remain on guard against the scam.

Reports described 'stranded' drivers speaking with Eastern European accents claiming they had run out of petrol or had suffered a flat tyre.

They would appeal for cash from people who have tried to help them, offering them jewellery in exchange. The conmen have offered to pay back the money but have provided false contact details, along with the fake jewellery which is worthless.

PC Tony Humphreys from Wythall said: "Sometimes, these scammers will have a sad story about why they need the money in order to persuade people to part with their cash.

"If approached in this manner, we advise drivers not to give any money and to report the matter to the police by calling 101.

"We can then check if the person is genuine or not and assist them if they do have a valid problem."

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