Speeders slammed in Sidemoor after cat deaths

By Carl Jackson Thursday 10 January 2013 Updated: 15/01 12:18

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Buy photos » PC Barney Kelso and councillor Chirs Bloor take to the streets of Sidemoor to monitor motorists braking speed limits (s).

SIDEMOOR residents have hit out at speeding motorists who they blame for a series of cat deaths in the area.

And they say they are living in fear that the actions of erratic drivers could lead to a child becoming the next victim.

Pet owners and parents are concerned it will take a tragic accident in Sidemoor before authorities take notice and do something about the problems.

Michelle Reid, of King George Close, found her cat dead in the middle of the road in December, run over by a vehicle.

"I am so fed up with buses and speeding cars coming round King George Close - thanks to one it has now killed my cat and didn't have the decency stop.

"It's hit us like a ton of bricks, we've had her nearly nine years she was one of the family.

"I'm frightened to let my other cat outside.

"I don't let my children play out there, I don't trust the drivers - they only have to turn their head for one second.

"Something needs to be done before it's a child."

Ward councillors and police have joined forces to launch the 'Slow down in Sidemoor' campaign with the subject dominating the area's PACT (Partners and communities together) meetings.

Police Community Support Officers took to the streets in December with a speed gun monitoring hot spots over a seven hour period.

The exercise was carried out on Stourbridge Road, Broad Street, Perryfields Road, Old Birmingham Road, Wildmoor Road and Fairfield and 30 'letters of advice' were sent out the following day to motorists driving at excessive speeds.

Although no fines were issued, the registration numbers of those informed have been kept on record and they were warned they maybe be prosecuted if caught braking the limits again.

The letters ask drivers to reflect on the small gains of speeding, compared to the huge loss that would have to be dealt with if a pedestrian was to be hit.

A West Mercia Police spokeswoman said it was a worthwhile exercise, acting as a deterrent and providing evidence of speeding in the area which may lead to further steps of speed reinforcement.

Sidemoor councillor Chris Bloore said: "I am determined to address the problem of speeding and I am grateful for the help of our local policing team warning motorists.

"We are going to continue to do these speed gun exercises and I want speeding motorists to know they will be caught."

A Worcestershire County Council spokeswoman confirmed a vehicle activation sign - which lights up when drivers are going too fast and requests them to slow down - is due to be put up on Perryfields Road.

That news was welcomed by Coun Bloore.

"This is progress after several years of residents complaining.

"However this should be the first step of several." he added.

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