RSPCA plea after cat and kittens dumped

By Carl Jackson Thursday 08 November 2012 Updated: 09/11 03:43

A CAT and her three kittens have been dumped at an old rescue centre which has been closed for more than a month.

The abandoned white and tortoiseshell pets were found cramped into a single carrier by a passer-by getting his newspaper last Friday morning (November 2) after they had been left in the cold all night while fireworks were going off.

The heartless owner dropped them at the former RSPCA centre in Barnes Hill, Northfield which shut its doors on September 30.

The carrier was found beneath a gate pillar baring a sign which says ‘We have moved’ as well as having clear signs of demolition.

The new bigger, better equipped centre at Newbrook Farm, Frankley opened on Monday (November 5).

RSPCA animal collection officer, Simon Dix, said: “It was a sad and callous act to abandon this vulnerable cat and kittens on a cold, windy autumn night.

“The old hospital site is beside a busy dual carriageway and we are hoping that someone driving past might have spotted who left the cats there and be able to give us a description.

“Alternatively, you may know someone who had a tortie and white cat who has disappeared suddenly.”

The maximum punishment for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is a six month prison sentence and/or a £20,000 fine.

Anyone with any information about the incident should contact the RSPCA on 0300 1238 018.

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